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EMAIL SUBMISSIONS ONLY. No phone calls please. We do not hold Open Calls. Auditions are by invitation only.  

DO NOT contact the agency via social media to submit for representation. You will not get a response.  

The agency will contact you if we are interested in speaking with you about representation. Good luck! 

Texas Submissions


Los Angeles Submissions:


Contact The Linicomn Agency

Seeking Representation? Seeking to hire talent? 
If you are seeking representation, please fill out the form below and a representative will be in touch if there is an interest.  We do not respond to all submissions.  

*At this time, the agency is only accepting  demo reels and industry referrals  to be considered for representation.   

Seeking representation?  

Please send a DEMO, HEADSHOT and RESUME using the form provided. If your video is larger than the suggested size, please email a LINK to your video. Files that need to be downloaded will NOT be viewed.  

Seeking to hire talent? 

phone: 214.403.2919